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Our Objectives

We are committed to bring much needed transparency into the used vehicle transactions through our vehicle inspection services. This space is largely unorganized – currently about 92% of used vehicle transactions happen in customer-to-customer (C2C) domain – and all except a few transactions suffer from a basic drawback known as “information asymmetry”. Very simply, information asymmetry is about one party having more information about the condition of a product – in this case the seller knows everything about the condition of vehicle whereas the buyer knows hardly beyond what meets the eye. Obviously in most cases the two parties are completely unknown to each other. Our fundamental objective is to reduce this information gap by providing a professional and impartial assessment of condition of the vehicle. The outcome of this process is a detailed assessment report made available to the customer via online mediums.

Our Team

We are a group of professionals with several decades of collective experience across a number of industry verticals and corporate functions. The common thread which runs across is our obsession for finding super simple solutions for customer pain points.

Do you know our Benefits?

A transparent vehicle assessment mechanism benefits overall used-vehicle market by bringing monetary value of the transactions much closer to the “fair value” of vehicles.

  • Fast and Flexible Services
  • Hi-tech devices for Accurate Measurement
  • We have a team of well trained Professionals
  • Services at your door steps
  • Transparent Reports and Certification



They are the most obvious beneficiaries of our vehicle inspection services. Buyers get an expert opinion on vehicle quality which serves as a critical input in the overall decision making process.


The seller benefits by differentiating their vehicle from a hundreds of similar vehicles listed on popular classified portals. An inspection certificate from a neutral agency like BMC brings credibility to the stated quality of a vehicle and it can be sold much faster, not to mention the premium a seller can command on such differentiated vehicle.

  • Low Prices, No Haggling
  • Largest Bike Dealership
  • Free Service Warranty

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